Study for the preparation of an Implementation Report of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

Civic Consulting® is conducting a study that will feed into an Implementation Report of the General Product Safety Directive by the European Commission. The GPSD is one of the main pieces of European legislation on product safety. The goal of this Directive is to ensure that all products placed on the EU market are safe. A product is considered safe if it meets all safety requirements. The Directive applies to nonfood consumer products. Where such products are subject to specific safety requirements imposed by other pieces of EU legislation, the Directive applies only to those aspects and risks that are not covered by those specific requirements.

The study will be conducted by applying the Civic® legal analysis approach and conducting Civic® consultation to map, collect and analyse evidence on the implementation of the GPSD across the EU, including with the aim to identify best practice implementation. Topical areas covered by the study include the safety of consumer products (in particular on improved product traceability); functioning of market surveillance with respect to consumer products; and standardisation work under the GPSD.