Civic Consulting is an economic and public policy consultancy supporting EU institutions, international organisations, national governments and NGOs through economic analysis, evaluation as well as impact and sustainability impact assessment. We have special expertise in the areas of consumer policy and markets, sustainable consumption and food chain, information society and data protection, trade, and public health.

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job opportunities ranging from expert positions to internships. We also offer an 18 months traineeship focusing on EU policy evaluation and impact assessment.
Benefits of sustainable diets
WWF commissioned Civic Consulting to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the adoption of sustainable diets in France, Spain, Sweden, and the EU as a whole. The study investigated the projected effects in 2020 of a switch to sustainable diets by an additional 30% and an additional 70% of the population compared to the reference scenario, supported by the use of the CAPRI modelling framework. In addition, in order to encourage the adoption of these diets, the costs and benefits of a range of policy options were analysed and recommendations for their potential implementation developed.
Evaluating the EU-Korea FTA
Civic Consulting and Ifo Institute conducted for the European Commission an interim ex-post evaluation of the implementation of the EU-Korea FTA, which is the first of a new generation of FTAs. The evaluation examined the effectiveness and efficiency of the EU-Korea FTA in view of achieving its objectives, as well as its relevance and coherence with EU trade policy. In addition, the evaluation analysed the impact of the implementation of the EU-Korea FTA on sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions, as well as on human rights.