Civic Consulting® is an economic and public policy consultancy supporting EU institutions, international organisations, governments and NGOs through economic analysis, evaluation and impact assessment. We have special expertise in consumer policy and markets, sustainable consumption and food chain, information society and data protection, trade, and public health.

We offer
job opportunities ranging from expert positions to internships. We also offer an 18 months traineeship focusing on EU policy evaluation and impact assessment.
Safer products in the EU
Civic Consulting conducted several studies that accompany the proposal for a new General Product Safety Regulation, which will fundamentally revise the existing EU product safety framework. Civic first prepared a Study for the preparation of an Implementation Report of the current General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) for the European Commission. The study mapped, collected and analysed evidence on the implementation of the GPSD in EU Member States. Subsequently, Civic conducted an evaluation of the current framework, and prepared a study to support the EC's impact assessment.
Eating insects
Civic Consulting is a partner of SUSINCHAIN, an EU funded project to develop the insect value chain in Europe. The expected global population growth to 9.1 billion people in 2050 requires a transition to new protein sources. Edible insects can upgrade low-grade side streams of food production into high-quality protein and are thus considered to be the "missing link" in the food system of a circular and sustainable economy. Civic Consulting leads the Work Package that is analysing experiences of business operators with overcoming supply-side barriers, and developing strategies for increasing consumer acceptance.