Projects by area:
  Impact assessment
  Policy & programme evaluation
  Consumer & market research
  Economic & legal studies
  Other projects
Supporting all aspects of the policy cycle

Civic Consulting is particularly experienced in implementing economic and legal studies for European and international institutions and in supporting all aspects of the policy cycle, including design of projects and programmes, evaluation and impact assessment. We are a framework contractor of the European Commission and of the European Parliament.

Our clients include the following institutions:

- DG Health and Food Safety

- DG Justice and Consumers

- DG Communication

- DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

- DG Mobility and Transport

- Consumers, Health, Agriculture & Food Executive Agency

- European Parliament

- Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

- World Organisation for Animal Health / World Bank

- German Technical Coorporation Agency

- Swedish Medical Products Agency

- World Wide Fund For Nature

- Federation of German Consumer Organisations

Detailed information on selected projects is given by area (see left). We also provide the final reports of our published studies.