Selected projects: economic & legal studies

 COMPARE - COllaborative Management Platform for detection and Analyses of (Re-) emerging and foodborne outbreaks in Europe

 Study to support the preparation of an evaluation of the General Product Safety Directive as well as of an impact assessment on its potential revision

 Study for the preparation of an Implementation Report of the General Product Safety Directive

 Evaluation of the Implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and its Member States and the Republic of Korea

 Study on due diligence requirements through the supply chain

 Study for the Fitness Check of EU consumer and marketing law

 Study on measuring consumer detriment in the European Union

 Study on cost-benefit analysis of reference laboratories for human pathogens

 Contribution of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection to Growth

 Cost-benefit analysis of pathways to practical implementation of sustainable diets in France, Spain and Sweden and economic impact assessment of sustainable diets in the EU

 Scoping Study Delivering on EU Food safety and Nutrition in 2050

 Study and economic analysis of the costs and benefits of ending surgical castration of pigs

 Over-indebtedness of European households: updated mapping of the situation, nature and causes, effects and initiatives for alleviating its impact

 A Pan-European Trustmark for E-Commerce: Possibilities and Opportunities

 Cloud computing

 Study on the systems to manage risks from epidemic livestock diseases

 Study on the application of Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices in the EU

 Study on cross-border alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes

 Briefing papers on the Consumer Rights Directive proposal (COM(2008)614)

 Briefing papers on misleading advertising

 Study on the use of age, disability, sex, religion or belief, race or ethnic origin and sexual orientation in financial services, in particular in the insurance and banking sectors

 Study on the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the European Union

 Study on the transposition and implementation of the two-year guarantee contained in the Sales Directive

 Study on online hotel reservation systems

 Misleading directory companies in the context of current and future internal market legislation aimed at the protection of consumers and SMEs

 Cost of National Prevention Systems for Animal Diseases and Zoonoses

 Feasibility study on animal welfare labelling and establishing a Community Reference Centre for Animal Protection and Welfare

 Analysis of the economic impact of Directive 2002/65/EC concerning the distance marketing of consumer financial services

 Study regarding the problems faced by consumers in obtaining redress for infringements of consumer protection legislation

 Study on safety and liability issues relating to toys

 Study on safety and liability issues relating to package travel, package holidays, and package tours

 Study on the compensation thresholds for damaged or lost equipment and devices belonging to air passengers with reduced mobility

 Briefing paper on consumer confidence in the digital environment

 Economic analysis of the modified proposal for a directive on credit agreements for consumers

 The financing of animal epizootics and zoonoses losses in developing and transition countries

 Study on stunning and killing practices in slaughterhouses

 Feasibility study on a global fund for emergency response to animal diseases in developing countries

 Pre-feasibility study of supporting insurance of disease losses

 Pre-feasibility study on harmonised cost-sharing schemes for epidemic livestock diseases

 Financial guarantees in the feed sector