Study on stunning and killing practices in slaughterhouses

Project summary:
Directive 93/119/EC establishes specific requirements within slaughterhouses in order to ensure that animals are spared any avoidable excitement, pain or suffering during movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter, or killing. However, this Directive required a revision to reflect significant progress in the field. For this purpose it was necessary for the Commission to collect data on the current situation and the economic, social, and possible environmental consequences of current practices from the different stakeholders' point of view. As project leader, Civic Consulting established a detailed picture of the present situation of the meat sector in the EU and its main trading partners, with regard to the protection of animals at the time of slaughter, taking into account the main socio-economic consequences of the current practices.

Client/Financing Institution:
European Commission, DG SANCO


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