Our Approach

Civic Consulting is an economic and public policy consultancy founded in 2002 to provide high quality economic and legal research, analysis and practical, evidence-based policy advice in the areas of consumer policy and markets, financial services, information society, food chain, animal health/welfare, public health, and trade. Our clients include the European Commission, the European Parliament, the World Organisation for Animal Health, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the German Technical Coorporation Agency, the World Wide Fund For Nature, and other national public and non-profit institutions.

Our approach to research is distinctive in several respects. We think that wide-ranging subjects demand interdisciplinary approaches. Our team of experts has a multidisciplinary background including economics, law, political science, food and veterinary sciences, and other relevant disciplines. Our academic associates come from universities and research centres at the forefront of their fields of research; our network of specialists in the EU and across the globe provides support in regions where field research is carried out. The strength of our research lies in the use of advanced methodologies and professional expertise, combined with a strong commitment to comprehensive data collection, impartial analysis, and clear presentation of results. We conduct multi-country surveys, in-depth interviews of stakeholders, case studies, and other primary research; we evaluate academic literature, review economic data series, prepare legal analyses, and employ expert panels; we apply economic theory to specific problems and use quantitative statistical and econometric methods while also valuing rigorous qualitative analysis.

Civic Consulting is firmly committed to close cooperation with our clients and to involving stakeholders in all research phases in order to better take specific needs, priorities, and perspectives into account. Especially in our large-scale evaluations, our role as researcher is complemented by our role as facilitator supporting and guiding stakeholders through the research process, and contributing to consensus building with regard to key issues and how to address them. In our work we assume that all stakeholder groups have equal value in a partnership that involves learning on all sides.