Animal health and welfare

Farmers and veterinary services around the globe face unprecedented challenges. Livestock production and trade become increasingly important by the day, leading to higher competitive pressures for established producers. Global movement of animals and animal products, tourism, and other factors such as climate change contribute to the emergence of livestock epidemics that spread rapidly across international borders. Both consumers and policy makers increasingly demand higher standards in animal production and welfare. To address these challenges, global efforts to improve veterinary systems and their governance have been taken, such as the promotion of prevention-oriented policies, more effective surveillance and control systems, and a better sharing of related burdens and responsibilities among governments and farmers. Civic Consulting is supporting the European Commission, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the World Bank, and other international and national bodies in better understanding the challenges facing the veterinary system and livestock farmers and in designing evidence-based policies to address them.

A prime example of our work is the evaluation of the EU animal health policy
, and a related study on cost-sharing schemes for epidemic livestock diseases, which paved the way for a new approach at the EU level. “Prevention is better than cure” is the title of the EU animal health strategy 2007–2013, which for the first time establishes EU strategic aims and objectives for animal health. Other recent assignments include economic analyses conducted for the OIE, including a study on the costs of national prevention systems for animal diseases and zoonoses; a feasibility study concerning a global fund for emergency response in developing countries; and a study on the feasibility of supporting insurance of livestock disease losses. In the area of animal welfare, we have conducted feasibility studies on topics such as animal welfare labelling on products of animal origin and the establishment of an EU Community Reference Centre for Animal Protection and Welfare.

Civic Consulting has specific expertise in conducting multi-country and global studies of veterinary governance and livestock economics. We have a unique track record of conducting economic assessments of veterinary systems and measures, both concerning the cost of surveillance and prevention of animal diseases (including zoonoses) and the cost of disease outbreaks. Civic Consulting expertise includes the following areas:

- Animal health and livestock economics
- Animal health and welfare policy
- Veterinary governance
- Veterinary legislation
- SPS measures and trade in animals and animal products
- Public risk management concerning costs of diseases
- Livestock insurance
- Environmental and social aspects of livestock production

  Selected projects