Evaluation of the Community Animal Health Policy (CAHP) 1999–2004

Project summary:
The EU's Community Animal Health Policy (CAHP) has as its objective to ensure food safety and to protect the varied rural economy and community from adverse effects of animal diseases while allowing the single market to operate effectively and efficiently. Ten years after the establishment of the single market, DG Health and Consumer Protection commissioned the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC), consisting of Civic Consulting, Bureau Van Dijk (Belgium), Agra CEAS Consulting (UK), and Arcadia International eeig (Belgium), to conduct an external evaluation of the CAHP. The evaluation covered nine main policy areas including eradication programmes, intra/extra community trade, and animal identification/traceability. In addition, Civic Consulting performed a pre-feasibility study on cost-sharing schemes for livestock epidemics. The study highlighted the advantages/disadvantages of such schemes compared to the current situation as well as evaluating the extent to which such schemes can be introduced in a harmonised way at the EU level, taking into account experience of such existing schemes.

Client/Financing Institution:
European Commission, DG SANCO