Briefing papers on misleading advertising

Project summary:
One briefing paper analysed the state of play of the implementation of the provisions on advertising in the unfair commercial practices legislation (UCP Directive). Questions addressed included: What are the problems with enforcement at the national level? How do the Member States, when implementing the UCP, take into account the role of national advertising self-regulatory bodies?

A second paper examined which misleading advertising practices or deceptive information (hidden advertisement, use of blogs, product review sites by employees of the producers, etc.) on the internet could be identified. Also answered were the questions: Are there any loopholes in the unfair commercial practices legislation (UCP Directive) or its enforcement?; Can or do national advertising self-regulatory bodies play a role in combating such practices?

Client/Financing Institution:
European Parliament, DG Internal Policies of the Union, Directorate A (Economic and Scientific Policy)


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