The financing of animal epizootics and zoonoses losses in developing and transition countries

Project summary:
The overall objective of this feasibility study was to enhance the global veterinary sanitary system with the objective of preventing or controlling emergence or re-emergence of animal diseases to ensure a safe and reliable supply of animals and animals products, thus improving the livelihood of producers, protecting consumers and improving public health. This contract included three complementary studies: 1. Economic impact of diseases and cost-benefit analysis of improved disease prevention and rapid control; 2. Feasibility study on the setting up of a Global Emergency Response Fund for Animal Epizootics and Zoonoses in developing countries and countries in transition; 3. Pre-feasibility study on market-based insurance products for emerging and reemerging animal disease losses not covered by public compensation.

Client/Financing Institution:
The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), financed by the OIE/World Bank