Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of collective redress mechanisms in the European Union

Project summary:
In its Consumer Policy Strategy for 2007-2013 the European Commission underlined the importance of effective mechanisms for seeking redress and announced that it would consider action on collective redress mechanisms for consumers. Civic Consulting was commissioned to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of existing collective redress mechanisms in the European Union; to assess whether consumers suffer a detriment as a result of the unavailability of collective redress mechanisms; and to analyse whether the differing approaches to collective redress result in actual or likely obstacles to trade between Member States or in appreciable distortions of competition. The study involved country studies that evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency in all 13 EU Member States that had such a mechanism at the time. All existing collective redress cases in those countries were documented and processed to provide a complete database for the evaluation and the assessment of consumer detriment.

Client/Financing Institution:
European Commission, DG SANCO


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