Evaluation of the EU legislative framework in the field of medicated feed

Project summary:
The European Commission contracted Civic Consulting to establish the economic, social, and environmental consequences of the use of medicated feed in the EU as set out by Directive 90/167/EEC. The global objective of Directive 90/167/EEC is to safeguard public health from any dangers arising from the use of medicated feed for animals intended for food production, and to prevent distortions in competition in the keeping and rearing of farm animals by laying down conditions regarding the preparation, placing on the market and use of medicated feed. The study mainly focused on the economic evaluation, namely on the analysis of the EU medicated feed market, on the production costs of medicated feed for manufacturers, and on the costs of using medicated feed for farmers. This economic evaluation laid down a solid foundation for the revision of the Directive.

Client/Financing Institution:
European Commission, DG SANCO


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