Consumer Market Study on the functioning of the market for vehicle fuels from a consumer perspective

Project summary:
According to the TOR, the overall objective of the study was to analyse whether the vehicle fuels market is working for consumers and whether consumers are able to make informed purchasing decisions. The analysis was to: (1) Address in particular whether consumers are able to make informed choices, including issues related to consumer understanding and transparency of information, for example understanding of information on labels, understanding of differences between fuels, and understanding of suitability of fuels for cars; (2) Investigate how to standardise and harmonise current fuel labelling at the pump following the introduction of fuel with bio-components (i.e. E10 and B7) across all Member States; (3) Focus on the sustainability of biofuels compared to fossil fuels, including an investigation of consumers' perception on biofuel sustainability and to what extent sustainability concerns affect consumers' purchase decisions; (4) Address availability of different fuels and retailers, and prices for consumers.

Client/Financing Institution:
European Commission, DG SANCO/ EAHC

09/2012 – 2/2014

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